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Austria's first community-driven venture lab

Corporates & KMUs

110p enables companies to find future-proof business cases by developing prototypes & products.

Companybuilding Ideation Protoyping Productdesign Hardware & Software App & Web Dev Workshops Seminars Inspirational talks

Developers & Talents

110p is a vehicle boarded with experts and free radicals, who join forces to achieve more than 100%.

Developers Serial-founders Coaches & Mentors Digital Nomads Freedom & Culture Remote-first Teamwork Efficiency Impact


110p loves to share learnings and experiences in our coaching sessions for founders and visionaries.

Sharing Giving Pro Bono Knowledge Transfer Founder Stories Network & Contacts Sparring Partner Time-saving Pushing

110p GmbH, Geschäftsführer Florian Bräuer
FN 490218i, ATU73296346

+43 650 2002090, team@110p.at
1180 Vienna Austria, Staudgasse 43/10

You have an idea? You want to turn your expertise into a product? You see unused potential for your company? You want to make your company more innovative? You want to overcome obstacles of hierarchy or bureaucracy?

We will help you. We are a group of startup-founders and innovators. We challenge the status-quo, constantly looking for disruptive innovations. We develop software and hardware. We build new products. We found new companies.